We realise how important indoor plants are not only to the aesthetics of our homes but the health benefits that they also offer. So we decided to start this business to provide beautiful hand painted pots for these plants to live in, at a more affordable price than previously available in Australia.


From a distance these plant pots may look heavy but in fact most are surprisingly light as they are constructed from a lightweight cement and fiberglass construction. This gives the outside a semi smooth but airy texture. 

All paints used are acrylic based. Each pot is hand painted and therefore each pot is totally unique from one another. No factory production line, boring finish here!!

Product Care
Our plant pots can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, those containing metallic paints should be mostly used indoors as they may dull over time and the copper present in the pigment can cause some green oxidization.

All Nester's Pots come with drainage hole in the base as standard.