The story of Nester’s Pots actually began back in 2016 at Uluwatu, Bali when the allure of Uluwatu’s famous sunset brought two complete strangers together, a girl from Whistler, Canada and a guy from Melbourne, Australia.

Fast forward nearly two years and our baby ‘Nester’s Pots’ was born… just a few months ahead of our first actual child together, due in August 2018!

The name Nester comes from a cheeky black bear that used to rummage through the bins of Nesters Market in Whistler looking for his ‘pot of honey’, which was basically any scrap of food that he could find. He was a well-loved bear by locals and tourists alike and we’ve dedicated the name of our pots in his honour.

We chose to first venture into the world of pots because we believe there needs to be more affordable options for home and business owners around the country to enjoy the aesthetics of beautiful hand painted plant pots. We have over 20 years experience in international product sourcing and have put this to good use in order to offer high quality but affordable products.

We love this business and hope you will love Nester’s Pots!